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Dysport- For the reduction of unwanted wrinkles 

$8.00 per unit.

A variety of dermal fillers- Prices vary upon your choice of product. most commonly used are  Juvederm 3=4  $425 per syringe

Paraffin facial- To super moisturize the skin on the face, neck and hands $45

High frequency facial- High frequency is applied thru tubes of light directly upon the skin, The electricity emitted kills bacteria helps with better absorption of serum products. $45

Hair and scalp treatment- High frequency stimulates hair follicles to encourage new or healthier growth.$25

Facial massage- Lay back and relax while massage of the face, neck and chest sends you to peaceful bliss.$35

Chair massage- 20 minutes, $20

If you are interested in a special just call and let us know, we will be glad to accommodate you. Specials do not apply to dysport or fillers as our prices are always the lowest possible price.

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