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Time is appx 45 minutes to an hour  Price $65.00

Dermaplaning for silky smooth skin.

Do you hate the fine peach fuzz hairs or dry dead surface skin cells that makes foundation look thick or worse furry? 

 Dermaplaning can smooth the skin and leave you with a smooth surface to apply make up. Clear of that annoying hair and leave you  feeling confident and beautiful.

If you have a special occasion and want your make up to look flawless, get a dermaplaning done a few days before. Your skin will be baby soft smooth afterwards leaving a clean palate for make up application.

Be aware there is minor a risk of fine nicks on the skin. like fine cat scratches. 


Skin is cleansed, a sterile 10blade is lightly run over the skin at a slight angle so as to avoid any nicks in the skin. Hair and dead skin are wiped away little by little until the skin is free of hair and skin debris. A mild cleanse is repeated,cold laser, then  moisturizer and or sun screen applied.



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